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Pierre Adrien Dalpayrat

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Large Art Nouveau Ceramic Vase Date : Circa 1890/1893 Dimensions : Height : 84cm, diameter : 49cm Condition : Good Pierre Adrien Dalpayrat (1844 - 1910) Rare and exceptional Dalpayrat sandstone ( the only one known to date ) Also of exceptional size, probably the result of a collaboration with the sculptor Voisin Delacroix. The collaboration with Voisin Delacroix was brief (1 year), the sculptor dying of pleurisy on April 2, 1993. Dalpayrat worked on materials and colors, Delacroix on shapes, and we complemented each other in a rare way, he said. Among their creations are the zoomorphic, anatomical and visceral series, to which our work may belong. Flared neck, domed body, geminated handles with plant branches Beautiful dark red, brown, yellow, blue-green and turquoise glaze Signed with an exploded pomegranate. Provenance : Galerie Jean François Dubois Paris in 2000 Former Swiss collection Decorator Francois Joseph Graf

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