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"Cat" Silkscreen on paper Numbered on 30 copies Signed by the artist Size : 50 x 40 cm Framing : no frame To acquire the work C215 (born in 1973) A key figure in the history of French Street Art, C215 is recognized as THE master of stencil art. Exhibited all over the world, from London to Sao Paulo via New York and Barcelona, he started in the streets of the Paris suburbs in 2005. The anonymous A true portraitist, he brings realism to the street, but not just any realism, a realism that screams of truth, marked faces with deep looks. On a wall, a mailbox, an electric cabinet, he first tried to represent what we don't want to see: a tramp, a gay couple kissing... so many people left behind, pariahs or anonymous people. It is thus without elitism, without egocentrism that he paints the other, on a human scale very often and gives him a presence, a place in our society. "My works place invisible people in the rank of celebrities. Through these faces, I hope that passersby will confront their own humanity." From the street to the Institution In 2014, he wishes to give another dimension to his artistic approach. Driven by a desire to be useful, to "engage in citizenship", he creates the traveling exhibition "Douce France" which shows and demonstrates the multiple and sometimes contradictory facets of French culture. A sort of "sarcastic answer to those who ask the question of what is national identity". Passionate about history, C215 then puts himself at the service of education. He humanizes public spaces by representing the portraits of great names that we know on street signs but whose faces we often ignore. From there, institutional exhibitions follow one another. We will mention among others "E=MC215, dialogue between Science and Art" at the Musée des Arts et Métiers in 2015, "Radium 215" at the Musée Curie in 2016, "100 years later..." in 2018 to commemorate the centenary of the armistice of the First World War and to pay tribute to its combatants at the Musée de la Légion d'Honneur, and "Illustrious" at the Panthéon, in the same year, where he honors the writers, scientists, politicians, artists and freethinkers who are buried there. Currently, C215 is exhibiting a series of portraits at the Museum of the Order of the Liberation and in the Invalides district of Paris as part of the exhibition "Between Shadow and Light, Portraits of Companions of the Liberation" (more information on the exhibition on page 4). The idea is to offer the younger generation a different and contemporary way of being interested in History and Culture. It proposes a more accessible entry point, hoping to give the desire to know more. In 2019, he is the first French artist belonging to the Street Art movement to enter a permanent museum collection. It is the collection of Mamac in Nice (Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary Art). Indeed, following the desecration of the portraits of Simone Veil on the mailboxes of the City Hall of the XIII district of Paris, C215 was invited to reproduce the portraits of the great lady of Nice on two mailboxes to alert and lead this fight against hatred. He claims it: his urban work aims to gather and not to divide, whether it is around a work, an idea, a value. He likes to link the past to the present by portraying History in a contemporary urban context and a very current artistic technique, graffiti. From the street to the institution, C215 draws an itinerary of accomplished and committed artist deserved.

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