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"Traffic Jam 40 x 50 cm Acrylic on paper 2021 Semor is a French designer and muralist, he currently lives in Nantes. Drawing is at the center of his work. His research in the studio allows him to practice and experiment with various media. He takes advantage of the outdoors to propose large format images in the public space. Semor transmits his energy and dynamism in the service of images implanted in a unique context each time. His need for encounters and exchanges leads him to multiply artistic collaborations through projects in France and abroad. With his distorted and labyrinthine universe, mixing figurative and abstract, his compositions are crossed by elements such as architecture, transport, nature, industry, mechanisms... Influenced by the urban show, he tells situations that mix reality and fiction, by phenomena of accumulation and shifted scenes, populated by characters and various objects. Semor proposes mazes of images which are pretexts for various readings and call for a reflection on our time.

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