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Stéphane Carricondo

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1500 EUR

"Incandescent 70 x 100 cm Mixed media on art paper 250 gr - Original work 2021 Stéphane Carricondo plunges us into the heart of his spontaneous and unadorned explorations. The artist shares with us his visions, his dreams embodied in his strange characters, masks, faces with atomic rays that crystallize into geometric forms. The figures that make up her seductive and original cosmogony seem to be inspired by a lost America where the fantastic beliefs of the Amerindians still float or by a hallucinated Africa made of fetishes, amulets, relics, talismans, totems and gris-gris. The spirits of the forest, the winds, the stars, the sky, the rivers and the sea are always present and the painter gives us the proof of it by his strokes of aerosol.

Galerie Magnetic
1, place Avisseau
33000 Bordeaux
Tel. +33 (0)7 44 82 59 54