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Kazy Usclef

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"A monkey on his back 100 x 130 cm Paint and charcoal on canvas 2022 The artist was born in 1984, and works in Nantes. Nourished by graffiti in its most diverse forms for over 10 years, he now uses a wide range of representation techniques (engraving, silkscreen, ink, stencil ...). Influenced by the classics of painting, the underground imagery of the 80s to today or more broadly by popular art, he does not hesitate to divert in an incisive way some sacred iconography. Kazy Usclef's work could be defined by a constant search for technical, human and cultural encounters where friction constantly feeds his artistic research. It is by this research that he feeds a variety of language in a concern of accessibility by the greatest number. His productions are most frequently nourished by travels and referenced to the street, an infinite source of inspiration considered as an open-air gallery and a perfect ground for experimentation.

Galerie Magnetic
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