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David Graux

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4000 EUR

[STYLO BILLE] Permafrost 50 x 65 cm Ballpoint pen on Bristol paper Unique work by the artist DAVID GRAUX. Sold with certificate of authenticity. KI GALERIE encourages the emergence of young artists and the talents of tomorrow. Collectors from all over the world place their trust in this Parisian gallery. A graduate of ENSAAMA, David Graux has been exhibiting his figurative paintings in numerous galleries throughout France since 1993, before taking a completely different direction in 2015. He stopped painting altogether, for which he was renowned, and began drawing with ballpoint pens. His subjects represent bodies and characters through the shapes and materials of their clothes, as well as tattoos. The treatment of his works is hyper-realistic and richly detailed.

Ki Galerie
127, rue Jeanne d’arc
75013 Paris
Tel. +33633199343