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Title : CHA FILS DE MARS Technique : Embroidery VANGART Format : L. 43,5 cm x H. 43,5 cm Sold framed in a black American box. Year of realization : 2021 Edition of 8 copies of the artist Chanoir with the house VANGART. Supplied with certificate of authenticity, delivery with care. VANGART is the only embroidery publishing house in the world. They count collectors from all over the world. "In my work, bringing a little light is what drives me. Here with these iridescent or fluorescent threads, in addition to the smiles of my AMPs, the light is reflected. The good vibrations and the sparkling colors remind us of the wonders of our solar system. The AMPs are waiting for you to share their secrets". CHANOIR

Galerie Vangart
10, rue de la Paix
75002 Paris
Tel. +33 6 30 23 85 47