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Romain Thiery

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Romain Thiery, Requiem for pianos N°33, 2017, Photography, 50 x 70 x 4 cm, Work signed Romain Thiery, born in Bergerac in 1988, is an artist photographer living and working near Montpellier. Romain is an amateur pianist who started photography more than fifteen years ago following his mother's work in heritage photography. Romain Thiery believes that the piano is deeply rooted in the depths of our culture, and sought to explore the instrument from an original angle. He made it his mission to combine his two greatest passions and set out to find buildings where old pianos are left abandoned. Since 2014, he has discovered more than a hundred pianos, in as many stunningly beautiful locations. Scenes from which he never changes anything, leaving the place as it is. " Even in the middle of a Even in the middle of a degraded space, the piano never ceases to preserve its power. It is there, it thrones with all its nobility. Beyond his photographic work, Romain records in situ, when possible, note by note, all the sounds of the pianos he discovers. They will allow him to build a collection of virtual instruments that he will make available to the public online and during his exhibitions. This method allows him to create a realistic sound model, to immortalize the sound of these pianos and to capture their identities. These sample libraries will give a second life to abandoned and sometimes hard-to-reach pianos, giving hundreds of musicians around the world the opportunity to make them sound. This research has led hiḿ to visit much of Europe as well as the United States. The series resulting from his work is entitled Requiem in ur pianos and made his fame take off internationally. In recent years, he has won major international photography awards in various competitions. His solo and group exhibitions have been seen in North America, Europe and Asia. His photographs have been exhibited in galleries and festivals in New York, San Francisco, St. Petersburg, Tokyo, Seoul, Paris, Madrid, Tel Aviv and many others. The most prestigious press titles have already praised or covered his work in their pages such as El País, Der Spiegel, The Guardian, Daily Mail, Lonely Planet, Cultura Inquieta, Point de vue, Esquire, Beijing News... and in TV reports on M6 (France), DW (Germany), Channel Cuatro (Spain), TV5 Monde (France) and I24 News (France and Israel).

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