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Venini and Roger Capron: 1950s Design

Result EUR12,640
Published on , by Philippe Dufour
Auction on 24 July 2020 - 14:30 (CEST) - 224, rue Paradis - 13006 Marseille

In Marseille, the spotlight was on 20th-century decorative arts and their sometimes unusual forms, in a summer sale with dazzling French and Italian pieces.

Roger Capron (1922-2006), lampe de forme libre en céramique émaillée blanche, marque... Venini and Roger Capron: 1950s Design

Roger Capron (1922-2006), lampe de forme libre en céramique émaillée blanche, marque "A7" dessous, non signée, h.33 cm. 
Result: €12,640

Founded in Murano in 1921, Venini is a company that is still at the cutting edge of formal innovation in terms of glorifying the art of blown glass – as witness this 20.5 cm, 8.07 in-high vase mingling red and blue materials. Naturally, it bears the highly sought-after acid-etched signature of "Venini Murano Italia". Its delicate motifs earned it €16,432. Also featured was one of the big names in Italian design: Carlo Molino, the inventor of post-war lines. On sale was one of his brass lamps with articulated branches on a marble base, with a parchment lampshade (h.182 cm, 5.9ft; diam. 110 cm, 3.6 ft). Edited by the Galleria Colombari of Milan, this stood out at €13,904. French inventiveness was also illustrated with this extraordinary lamp by Roger Capron (h.33 cm, 1.08 ft), snapped up for €12,640. Sporting a free form in white glazed ceramic, it carries an"A7" mark under the base, though has no signature. It is illustrated in the reference book by Pierre Staudenmeyer, Roger Capron céramiste (Norma, 2003), in a photo of around 1956, and Capron's wife has also confirmed the authenticity of this piece. Meanwhile, a Majorelle/Daum lamp did not find a buyer.

Friday 24 July 2020 - 14:30 (CEST) - Live
224, rue Paradis - 13006 Marseille
Maison R&C, Commissaires-Priseurs Associés
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