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The Outsider Art Fair: A Very Special Edition

Published on , by Stéphanie Pioda

American galleries account for over half the participants in the eighth Paris Outsider Art Fair, which combines physical exhibitions at Drouot with digital ones.

Dwight Mackintosh (1906-1999), Untitled (DMa 358), 1988, ink, watercolor and colored... The Outsider Art Fair: A Very Special Edition

Dwight Mackintosh (1906-1999), Untitled (DMa 358), 1988, ink, watercolor and colored pencil on paper, 22 x 29.75 cm.

The digital transition seems inevitable and "the pandemic is speeding up the trend," says Nikki Iacovella, the new director of the Outsider Art Fair (OAF). "I think the digital component will matter now, even after Covid-19. It won't replace physical art fairs but it will be a building block in the future". This ongoing change reaches beyond art fairs. For example, it has shaken up the model of the American Primitive gallery, which has participated in the Outsider Art Fair since the first New York show in 1993. "Due to the never-ending pandemic,” says director Aarne Anton, “I decided to close my space in New York and work online from my country house. Online exhibitions are a good way to participate in events as safely as possible, even at great distances". Even before the eighth Paris show, between May and August the OAF created Art Brut Global, a three-part virtual exhibition featuring a selection of works from renowned galleries and…
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