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Strike MoMA Continues With Weekly Protests

Published on , by Bernard Zirnheld

With the ten-week strike against MoMA in full swing, Director Glenn D. Lowry resorts to cynical crisis management rather than creative engagement.

Sculpture Garden at Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)© hibnio, (CC BY 2.0) Strike MoMA Continues With Weekly Protests

Sculpture Garden at Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
© hibnio, (CC BY 2.0)

Over the past six weeks, activists, artists and museum employees have traced powerful interests contested around the globe straight to the heart of MoMA’s Board of Trustees. Calling themselves Strike MoMA , the group declared ten weeks of action to expose the museum’s ties to racialized violence and environmental devastation, and to begin shifting museum assets to community control and reparative projects. While astronomical wealth accumulated through social violence is hardly new to artistic patronage or philanthropy, the money behind MoMA’s board is a striking convergence of harm within the governance of a single civic institution. Trustees’ associations with vulture funds, massive tax evasion, Israeli colonization, and for-profit detention centers are all laid out in  Strike MoMA’s publications . Unfortunately, board members’ refusal of accountability within their business…
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