PAD London: A Good Harvest

On 10 October 2018, by Oscar Duboÿ
© 18 Davies Street Gallery, PAD 2018, London.

A record-breaking 27,400 visitors flocked to the 12th PAD London from 1 to 7 October. Dealers could sense their enthusiasm: American decorators, not to mention British and Middle Eastern collectors, who have the reputation of being more impulsive than their French counterparts, place generous orders every year when Frieze takes place. The Guillemain stand was sold out by the end of the first day reserved for collectors, including one who snatched up Josef Hoffmann’s iconic "Sitzmaschine" for approximately €30,000. Whether one-off pieces or limited series, contemporary furniture at Maria Wettergren, Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Mouvements Modernes and Fumi found buyers more easily. The line between design and art is getting so blurry that some, such as Suisses de Vertes, would rather hang their paintings at PAD than at Frieze. "The location in the middle of Mayfair, across from Phillips and next to art galleries, lures people back several times," says Jean-Jacques Dutko. From pre-Columbian art to jewellery, heavily present this year with nine exhibitors, the arts in their totality seem to be overtaking design, as though reminding PAD of its primary purpose.

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