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Olivier Waltman: A Newcomer to the Marais Gallery Club

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Based in Saint-Germain-des-Prés for 15 years, and in Miami since 2019, the gallery owner on Rue Mazarine is opening a new space in the Marais with an exhibition of works by François Bard, on view until October 16.

Olivier Waltman: A Newcomer to the Marais Gallery Club

Are you more interested in paintings, objects or photos?
Impossible to choose! I like everything all at once—if there is talent and a work conveys a strong feeling. Though when I was younger, my taste was formed more by painting, I quickly became fascinated by photography, which plays a key role in our programming. More recently, I have also become interested in and dedicated to other art forms: design and electronic art, and in the very near future ceramics and textiles.

An item that caught your eye recently?
The Arc de Triomphe Wrapped by Christo and Jeanne-Claude. It is a splendid artistic and collaborative achievement, amazingly well integrated into the urban landscape. It is also an ode to a Paris decidedly turned towards the future.

A work you would like to own?
A video by Michal Rovner. Her 2005 exhibition "Fields" at the Jeu de Paume in Paris really took me to a different world, in a way I've rarely experienced. I love the intelligent, subtle way she brings together the universal and the intimate, the political and the poetic.

The artist whose work most touches you?
Anyone who makes me want to roll up my sleeves and work alongside them.

FIAC or Biennale Paris?
Paris Photo!

Is there a common theme to your acquisitions?
The human aspect, which is huge! I need to be touched by an artist's personality and approach, as much as by the actual work I choose to buy.

Olivier Waltman Gallery,
Paris Saint-Germain (VIe), Paris Marais (IIIe), Miami.
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