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Mehdi Hadj Khalifa: "Morocco Is in an Experimental Phase"

Published on , by Alexandre Crochet

On the eve of the 1-54 Marrakesh fair, this young entrepreneur, son of one of Hassan II's engineers, tells us about his vision of Moroccan contemporary art, which he ardently supports.

Mehdi Hadj Khalifa at the 2015 Mehdi Melhaoui exhibition in the Venise Cadre gallery,... Mehdi Hadj Khalifa:

Mehdi Hadj Khalifa at the 2015 Mehdi Melhaoui exhibition in the Venise Cadre gallery, Casablanca. 

What brought you to art? I spent five years at the reception and exchange centre of the former Récollets convent in Paris as a research student, and I did my first internships in institutions where I was given art-related assignments. I felt an immediate connection with this world... I set up exhibition projects sponsored by brands, assisted artists on the production side, and worked on mounting international exhibitions.  All this led me to curating. Today, you are overseeing an ambitious international exhibition project that supports emerging Moroccan artists... Our aim is to highlight a scene that is not very well known and show it abroad. This early part of the century has been a testing ground for Moroccan art. Several initiatives have emerged, like Apartment 22 in Rabat and the opening of various galleries. Above all, artists have appeared, producing extraordinarily high-quality…
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