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Jacques Grange: The Expert Eye of One of the Greatest French Interior Designers

Published on , by Éric Jansen

The interior designer is publishing a book in French and English presenting some thirty projects, mostly for houses of collectors, for whom he has become the go-to man.  

© Eric Jansen Jacques Grange: The Expert Eye of One of the Greatest French Interior Designers

© Eric Jansen

His life has been marked by the many encounters that established his career and the objects that nurtured his taste. Interior designer Henri Samuel, patron Marie Laure de Noailles, designer Yves Saint Laurent, philanthropist Ronald Lauder, and the collectors Terry de Gunzburg and François Pinault , as arbiters of style and refined collectors—not to mention those whose names he discreetly withholds, all shaped his eye for design. "There is no great interior designer without a great client"... Throughout the pages of his new book, we can see exactly what he means. His interiors are like harmonious conversations between art lovers. Their luxury is subtle, their eclecticism studied, their comfort cultivated. And the setting always gives works of art and signed pieces of furniture their due. There are no superfluous gestures; no "wow" effect. Modestly, he says he does "contemporary classic". But this apparent simplicity is carefully referenced. A true delight for the initiated. How did your vocation come about? I dropped out of school in tenth grade, as I had very bad grades. I was only good at drawing. Every Thursday, I attended the workshop for under-15s at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs (Museum of Decorative Arts). My mother made inquiries and it was suggested I attend the École Boulle in Paris. After a year's preparation, I passed the competitive entrance exam and…
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