Émily Marant Prizes the Sensuality of Sculpture

On 02 February 2021, by La Gazette Drouot

At less than 30 years old, the niece of famous French stylist Isabel Marant founded Studio Marant, described as an “ecosystem for art, fashion and design”. She never misses a single edition of the FIAC.


What do you like most: painting, objects, photography?
Objects and sculptures, undoubtedly for the material work and that desire to touch that 3D objects provoke.

An artist or work that has caught your eye recently?
Gio Ponti at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs (Paris) – I’ve been waiting for a retrospective of his work for a long time. Italian design from the 1950s is one of the periods which interests me the most. Last Summer, I made a detour through Sorrento just to see the Parco dei Principi, his first hotel.

A work you'd like to own?
A great deal of works come to mind, but perhaps a Feuille de vigne femelle (Female Fig Leaf) by Marcel Duchamp to start off with…

The artist who moves you most?
Alicja Kwade. Her works have a hypnotic effect. Whether it’s presented at a fair or in an exhibition space, her work is like a magnet – it captivates my attention.

Do you prefer the FIAC or Biennale Paris?
The FIAC. You can really take the temperature of the art world there.

Is there a guiding theme behind your acquisitions?
Support for young creation and a form of sensuality.

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