Cosmos of Collectibles: A Database for Numismatists

On 05 March 2021, by Agathe Albi-Gervy

A new project will facilitate any future research by coin experts and collectors. Its name: Cosmos of Collectibles.


The digital database was launched by specialized bilingual site CoinsWeekly (known as MünzenWoche in German). After meticulous research conducted under the direction of Ursula Kampmann, curator at the MoneyMuseum in Zurich and the online magazine’s founder, the portal reveals new coin identifications and provides continuous updates on developments in the field.

Free of charge, it aims to list all known coins from all periods and cultures. In addition to numerous filters to facilitate searches, Cosmos of Collectibles aims to be even more precise by differentiating each specimen according to its year of circulation and its minting, and by assigning each type of coin a unique “CoCo” number.

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