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Charles Personnaz: At the School for Curators

Published on , by La Gazette Drouot

On May 16, the Institut National du Patrimoine celebrated its 30th anniversary. We talk to its director, Charles Personnaz, about its past record and the future of this unique institution. 

Charles Personnaz  Charles Personnaz: At the School for Curators
Charles Personnaz
How is the acute Covid-19 crisis affecting teaching at the INP? Everything came to a sudden halt with the repatriation of all the student curators doing internships abroad, and the cancellation or postponement of nearly all the continuous learning field schools. But remote classes were set up very quickly. This experience has enabled us to make real progress in distance learning. We are thinking about making it a permanent feature – developing international modules for continuous training, for instance. How is your teaching developing? In particular, we are adding some practical classes, because curators need to be well rounded with solid competencies: firstly their scientific expertise, then their skills in team management and communicating…
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