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Barbara Newman: Taking Collecting and Curating to New Levels

Published on , by Nicky Griggs

We sat down with Barbara Newman to discuss her art collection, her commitment to artists and her venture as curator for the “The World Inside, And I am Wholly Outside Myself” group exhibition at the Galerie Mitterrand in Paris.  

Photo Diane Arques, ADAGP 2023 Barbara Newman: Taking Collecting and Curating to New Levels

Photo Diane Arques, ADAGP 2023

Barbara Newman’s work as a civil engineer paired with a Master’s in Fine Arts (MFA) informs her approach to collecting art and her work as a curator. Adroitly balancing these two seemingly disparate worlds, she pairs the methodical rigor of an engineer with the passion and intellectual curiosity of an artist, with compelling results. Born in Italy,   Newman, who is based both in Paris and New York, takes her engagement with contemporary artists to new levels, creating a bridge between old and new worlds Can you sketch for us the genesis of your collection? Sketching the genesis of an art collection is like marking the start of “the journey”, the ignition of the fire. Art collecting has been a great chapter in my life and looking back I see it took a special place: New York City, a special time: the late 90s, an MFA program with teachers as Sarah Charlesworth, Liz Deschens and a serendipitous series of encounters with artists, curators, collectors and institutions that inspired me to dive into art collecting.  I understand that you started with Surrealism and photography—do these works…
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