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€110,404! A World Record for Tapestry Master Dom Robert

Published on , by Philippe Dufour

Dom Robert’s teeming tapestry lived up to expectations, along with an armchair by Charlotte Perriand and a flowering planter by Minton.

Guy de Chaunac-Lanzac, known as Dom Robert (1907-1997), Plein champ (Open Field,... €110,404! A World Record for Tapestry Master Dom Robert

Guy de Chaunac-Lanzac, known as Dom Robert (1907-1997), Plein champ (Open Field, 1970 cartoon), basse-lisse woolen tapestry made by Suzanne Goubely’s studio in Aubusson in 1971, numbered 3/6, number 519 (with unstitched ribbon), 260 x 450 cm/102.36 x 177.16 in.
Result: €110,404

Springing right out of Dom Robert’s mystical soul, this tapestry seems to have broken a world record for one of his works at €110,404 (source: Artnet). Suzanne Goubely’s Aubusson workshop wove Plein champ (Open Field) in 1971 based on a cartoon Dom Robert made about 1970 after receiving a commission in 1969 from the Angers agricultural high school to decorate its lobby. The French title is a pun on the homophonous word plain-chant and, like a Gregorian score, every detail—mammals, birds, insects, flowers—plays its note to achieve the balance of Creation—and adds to the success of the tapestry, the largest designed by Dom Robert (260 x 450 cm/102.36 x 177.16 in). Charlotte Perriand’s wooden armchair with a straw backrest and seat seems to echo Dom Robert’s rural world. Known as "no. 21", the designer’s take on a great rustic classic fetched €22,200. In the ceramics department, the highest bid went to an imposing, 86-cm-high (33.86 in) planter richly decorated with garlands, putti and polychrome medallions on a turquoise ground made by Britain’s Minton factory in about 1877 (€13,720).

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