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A Superlative Selection of “Oeuvres Choisies” at Drouot

Published on , by Bernard Zirnheld

This quarter’s “Oeuvres Choisies” gathers hundreds of extraordinary objects that will convince you to put these regular exhibitions on your calendar.

Jan van Kessel the Younger (1654-1708), Still Life with Chinese Wan Li Porcelain... A Superlative Selection of “Oeuvres Choisies” at Drouot

Jan van Kessel the Younger (1654-1708), Still Life with Chinese Wan Li Porcelain Cups, One Filled with Fruits, the Other Inverted and Broken, Fruits and Vegetables, with a Monkey and a Hamster on a Landscape Background, oil on copper, 24 x 32.5 cm/9.4 x 12.59 in.
Estimate: € 30,000/40,000 at Beaussant-Lefèvre

The Hôtel Drouot handles a higher volume of objects annually than either Christie's or Sotheby’s.  Its quarterly “ Oeuvres Choisies ” exhibitions gather the highlights in a single show that always merits a detour. The current installation, on view from May 17 – 21st in salle (room) 9, features an unusual number of museum-worthy objects. Many have appeared in the pages of the Gazette over the past months, and you will find links to those articles below. Let’s take a moment, however, to focus on a few pieces that also deserve attention. Women Painters and Collectors Works created by or associated with women are particularly present. Valentine Hugo’s delicate portrait of surrealist poet André Breton emerges from a field of crystalline shards. Her romantic obsession with the author of Nadja , the force of which even gave him pause, is evident…
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