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A Restructured Bridal Gown

Published on , by Christophe Provot
Auction on 07 July 2022 - 19:00 (CEST) - Salle 3 - Hôtel Drouot - 75009

Celestina Agostino deconstructed 20 bridal gowns to make the “Belle de jour” model.

  A Restructured Bridal Gown

This dress fetched €450 on July 7 in Room three at Drouot Estimations during a charity sale for Renaissance, a non-profit organization, that brought in a total of €14,140. In 2019, Philippe Guilet founded Renaissance, which focuses on social activism, sustainable development, the environment and craftsmanship. This is the second time that Drouot and Renaissance have joined forces since the fashion show at the auction house a year ago. A Gruau pantsuit sold for €200.

Thursday 07 July 2022 - 19:00 (CEST) - Live
Salle 3 - Hôtel Drouot - 75009
Drouot Estimations
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