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A Marquise Diamond Fit for a Queen

Published on , by Anne Doridou-Heim

The dream has become reality. A very pure marquise diamond exerted its fascination.

Platinum ring set with a 14.49 ct marquise diamond.Result: €408,320 A Marquise Diamond Fit for a Queen

Platinum ring set with a 14.49 ct marquise diamond.
Result: €408,320

A 14.49 ct ring-mounted marquise diamond of the rare IIa type without any fluorescence, described by La Gazette, fetched €408,320—€28,179 per carat. The outstanding result was due to its D color, the purest possible color and rare for a stone of this size. Diamonds have been known and sought after since the dawn of time, but they were not identified as a crystalline form of carbon until the 18th century. More recently, it was discovered that each of its atoms is linked to four neighboring atoms arrayed at the top of a regular tetrahedron—a fascinating chemical symmetry. The buyer may not have had these scientific details in mind: The stone’s weight, size, color and purity, four essential criteria seldom seen at this level, were enough to make the magic work.

For once, Van Cleef & Arpels and Cartier were outsiders. The former’s semi-rigid gold reed necklace featuring a cascade of clover leaves, each set with a brilliant (gross weight 169.82 gr/6 oz), sold for €26,158. The latter’s yellow gold evening bag with braided mail (gross weight 550.91 gr/19.43 oz.) fetched €19,778.

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