A Change in the Flat-Tax for the E.U.

On 02 February 2021, by Agathe Albi-Gervy

The flat-rate tax on the sale of objects now applies outside the European Union.


On January 1, in a bid to increase its allure for foreign buyers France revised its tax system for exports of artworks and antiques. Another measure, taken on November 27 and reported by Le Journal des Arts, strengthens the country's new market position. Late last year, the Constitutional Council ruled that the provisions of the General Tax Code, which applied a flat-rate tax of 6% or 11% only on sales of precious objects in France and the European Union, were unconstitutional. In the case of sales made in non-EU countries, a French private individual was until then automatically subject to capital gains tax without being able to opt for the flat-rate tax regime. Taxpayers were therefore unequal before the law.

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