2021: A Fresh Start for Drouot

On 05 January 2021, by Agathe Albi-Gervy

Drouot is ringing in the New Year with key changes in its organization.


The first of these is the appointment of auctioneer Brice Pescheteau Badin as managing director of Drouot Enchère, a position created when the subsidiary’s status was changed, as decided at the general meeting on September 30. Together with the subsidiary’s president, Alexandre Giquello, Mr. Badin will be responsible for the smooth running of the auction house's services and its development at a pivotal time in the group's history: its opening up to non-shareholder auctioneers. In 2021 Drouot will remain the standard-bearer of French auctioneering expertise, drawing on the full strength of digital technology through Drouot Digital, France's leading platform for auctioning artworks and collectibles. To experience the new year of auctions, the public is cordially invited to stop by on Saturday, January 16, when Drouot reopens its doors.

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