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Two Bugattis Are Better Than One!

Publié le , par Anne Doridou-Heim

French forest animals sculpted by Rembrandt Bugatti proudly lead the way in front of beasts from the savannah.

Rembrandt Bugatti (1884-1916), Two Deer Following Each Other, brown patina proof,... Two Bugattis Are Better Than One!
Rembrandt Bugatti (1884-1916), Two Deer Following Each Other, brown patina proof, cast from A. A. Hébrard's early edition, founder's stamp, ca. 1905, supporting documentation as No. 3, h. 29 cm.
Result: €216,920

Tenderness on one side, allure and proudly rising woods on the other: two groups by Rembrandt Bugatti found themselves moving forward together. Both are old casts by Hébrard, the Italian sculptor's indispensable travelling companion. Around 1911, he made 32 copies of the two Kudu antelopes but only three listed proofs exist of the two deer following each other, from ca. 1905. That easily explains the price gap between the two bronzes: €127,600 for the first, €216,920 for the second. Bugatti still occupies the forefront of the auction scene. Sale after sale, collectors’ appetite for the great animal sculptor’s works is unabated. But the afternoon had begun with modern painting: a Raoul Dufy oil on canvas made before 1938 – it was exhibited at the Basel Kunsthalle in May-June of that year – that sold for €61,248. In his Promenade by the Sea featuring touches of lapis lazuli blue, passers-by illuminated by white brushstrokes walk forward in small groups, awed by the spectacle of the waves.

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