Three Questions for Aurélie Julien

Le 01 juillet 2018, par Oscar Duboÿ
Aurélie Julien

Why has the contemporary design market collapsed to such an extent?
It has never worked miracles! Arad produced far too much; when he began to sell directly he shot himself in the foot, and his galleries no longer supported him. And then design is by its nature designed for mass production at the most affordable price, aimed at the general public. Why would they buy numbered editions? Hence the importance of explaining to customers everything a gallery can do in terms of experimentation, which is not possible in industrial terms (…). It's a young market. Today, collectors still prefer to put their money on contemporary art.

What is the Paris marketplace worth?
As the top craftsmen are still in France and Italy, Paris remains an obligatory step for all interior designers. If I had to open a design gallery, it would be in Paris or New York, then Asia.

What do you think of new fairs like Operae and Collectible, which focus on contemporary design?
Even though they are interesting, I prefer contemporary art fairs, like The Salon in New York and Miami and Basel, because they are very important for design today, and that's where we find our clientele. I'm sceptical about this decision not to show classic pieces; in my view, you need the classic to explain the contemporary.

After working at the Kreo Gallery and then the Carpenters Workshop Gallery, this design expert now works as a designer collection consultant.
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