The Bourgogne Tribal Show

Le 14 mai 2019, par Agathe Albi-Gervy

Spring offers a great opportunity to visit Besanceuil, near Cluny, where contemporary art dealer Bruno Mory hosts the fourth Bourgogne Tribal Show on his home territory.

© Bourgogne Tribal Show

From 30 May to 2 June, 22 gallery owners will try to repeat this unique show’s success over the past three years, holding an event in Burgundy that could just as easily have taken place in Paris. It is an alternative to major international fairs that makes it easier to meet exhibitors in a more relaxed setting. What’s more, open spaces foster dialogue between works from different cultures and periods.

This year the organisers were particularly open-minded, selecting young dealers and historical figures representing a very wide range of specialities: contemporary art with Bruno Mory, Asia with Michael Woerner from Hong Kong and Max Rutherston from London, India with Alexis Renard, archaeology with London’s Artes and Switzerland’s Jean-David Cahn and medieval art with the Sismann Gallery. The tribal arts will be honoured by the presence of Belgian Didier Claes, Adrian Schlag and Sisi Tatu, Barcelona's David Serra and Guilhem Montagut, London's Ben Hunter, Switzerland's Bruce Floch, Finland's Tischenko, and France’s Punchinello, Flak, Furstenberg, Laurent Dodier and Stéphane Jacob.

In addition to this very international event, artist Coco Fronsac will curate a fringe exhibition at the Cluny Abbey’s flour mill from 31 May to 28 July. Fronsac, whose works have been supported by the Flak, Vallois and Hélène Bailly galleries, will explore a tailor-made theme: idols.

Bourgogne Tribal Show, 30 May to 2 June,
Besanceuil, Burgundy.
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