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Paris and Contemporary Art: Europe’s Market Leader?

Publié le , par Vanessa Schmitz-Grucker

“Paris is Europe’s epicenter of contemporary art, on a par with, if not surpassing, London,” says Iwan Wirth in a Le Monde article about the opening of his gallery’s Paris branch at 26 bis rue François Ier.

COURTESY HAUSER & WIRTH Paris and Contemporary Art: Europe’s Market Leader?


The three-floor, 800-square-meter (8,611) sq ft) space is in a hôtel particulier (town house) that housed the historic headquarters of Radio Europe 1 for decades. Founded in Zurich in 1992 by Wirth and Manuela Hauser, daughter of Swiss collector and billionaire Ursula Hauser, Hauser & Wirth has set up numerous branches around the world, notably in London, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Monaco. While waiting for Art Basel to hold Paris+ in October, the announcement of this new location strengthens the French capital’s appeal to major collectors.

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