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Gallery Owner Gabriela Sismann Can’t Escape Classical Music

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In 1994, Gabriela and Mathieu Sismann founded their gallery dedicated to antique sculpture: an occasion to celebrate 25 glorious years!

© Carla van de Puttelaar Gallery Owner Gabriela Sismann Can’t Escape Classical Music

© Carla van de Puttelaar

What triggered your vocation?
As a child, the discovery of the hidden mausoleum of Qin, the first Emperor of China, fascinated me and spawned a powerful desire to delve into the past! And the inventories of antiquities that I created as a teenager in the house of my opera singer great-aunt, Alicia Leonor Amado, and my architect great-uncle, Jorge María Naón. They were a beautiful, brilliant couple (...) One of the most influential meetings in my life.

If you could have your time again, what would you be?
A jazz singer or classical pianist.

An artist or work that has caught your eye recently?
I felt intense emotion looking at Luca della Robbia's Visitation in Pistoia. Here the artist meets the challenge of depicting youth and aging as the starting point for a meditation on life and passing time. That's how I see it, anyway.

An artist or objet d’art you would like to present?
It's hard to pick just one... Beethoven first and foremost, then Mantegna, Dürer, Rembrandt, Turner, Fellini, Kubrick and Bowie.

A professional phrase you often repeat?
"Behind the works", the title of my catalog prefaces, and "we are go-betweens", on every occasion.

Your projects or upcoming highlights?
As the gallery celebrates its 25th anniversary, I'm going to focus on carrying out a personal project I've been cogitating in secret for years. You'll find out more very soon…

Sismann gallery, Paris, 7th arrondissement,
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