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For Septime Chef, Bertrand Grébaud, Cooking Is Culture

Le 18 octobre 2021, par La Gazette Drouot

The chef at Septime in Paris, which has climbed to 15th place in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants rankings, looks back on his journey in a work published by Phaidon for release on October 21.

For Septime Chef, Bertrand Grébaud, Cooking Is Culture

Are you more interested in paintings, objects or photos?
I’m more attuned to images, to photography and painting. An art object moves me less; however, I love the design of useful objects, when, above all, functionality is respected.

What is your favorite exhibition or cultural event at the moment?
Cut off from performances, museums and movie theaters for eighteen months and unable to raise my head since the reopening of restaurants, it’s hard to answer. But since cooking is also culture, I would say the Refugee Food Festival initiative, where French chefs meet colleagues victimized by forced migrations for one or more meals together. These culinary exchanges are pure moments of sharing knowledge and culture.

A work which you would like to own?
A work by Toulouse-Lautrec; The Jockey, for example.

The artist whose work most touches you?
Antwan Horfee. Almost all artists coming from the world of graffiti are compartmentalized in a street art without flavor, so much so that it loses its relevance. Antwan Horfee has overcome these divisions to produce lively works that are both technical and unconventional, whether animated or on canvas.

FIAC or Fine Arts Paris?
Neither of them.

Is there a common theme to your acquisitions?
No, I walk to the beat of my own drum.

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