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Beatrix Ruf Develops Moscow’s Garage Museum

Le 06 novembre 2019, par La Gazette Drouot

Garage Museum in Moscow has hired former Stedelijk Museum director Beatrix Ruf. 

Beatrix Ruf Develops Moscow’s Garage Museum

Beatrix Ruf
© Creative commons, Lorenz Seidler

Beatrix Ruf’s tenure at Amsterdam’s Stedelijk museum was marred and ultimately brought to a close by controversy, after she was wrongly accused of mismanagement by the Dutch media.

It has now been announced that she will work alongside director Anton Belov at Moscow’s Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, where she has been an advisory council member for several years. Undertaking duties previously assigned to ex-chief curator Kate Fowle, Beatrix Ruf will develop exhibitions and educational initiatives for 2020 — a year brimming with new projects for the museum, including the inaugural publication of The Garage Journal.

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