Art Market Overview: New York on Top

Le 21 mai 2021, par Vanessa Schmitz-Grucker

The just-ended week of sales in New York was an extraordinary one, with Picasso's Woman Sitting by the Window fetching $103.4 M at Christie's and Basquiat's In this Case $93 M at Sotheby's.

© Christie's Images Ltd. / Jean-Michel Basquiat

In all, almost $1.4 billion changed hands at the two auction houses, especially during the Impressionist, modern and contemporary art sales between May 11 and 13. With Christie's posting $691 M in sales and Sotheby's $677 M, it can safely be said that the high-end segment has bounced back. Some 1,390,270 people viewed Christie's sales online on 11 different platforms. Another record figure for the week in New York was Claude Monet's Bassin aux nymphéas (Water Lily Pond), which was estimated at $40 M but fetched $70.3 M.

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