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Art Dubai: Fairs Are Starting Up Again

Publié le , par Agathe Albi-Gervy

The Emirates are hosting one of the first physical fairs of the year.

 © DIFC - Hero Architecture - PHOTO ART DUBAI Art Dubai: Fairs Are Starting Up Again
 © DIFC - Hero Architecture - PHOTO ART DUBAI

To comply with health requirements, the organizers have moved the exhibition venue to a larger building: the iconic Gate Building in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). In addition, the event is now longer—six days, from March 29 to April 3—so that the flow of daily visitors can be more easily regulated. Participation costs are partly based on sales. Despite the protocol for entering the territory, 50 galleries will be traveling from 31 countries to take part in the 14th Art Dubai. Those unable to travel can make use of the Remote Participation Program to present their artists virtually to the visitors on site.

"The city of Dubai has boosted its position as a strategic crossroads through ambitious art projects in the Middle East. Now that Art Dubai has become a key event in the region, and one of the few fairs staged this spring, it's vital to be there to promote our artists," says Nathalie Obadia, a gallery owner established in Paris and Brussels. Other international dealers with a similar French touch are reporting present, including Perrotin and Templon.

Visitors will also discover galleries from the Middle East and South-East Asia, including from Saudi Arabia (Mono and Hafez galleries), Lebanon (Saleh Barakat gallery), Palestine (Zawyeh gallery), India (Experimenter) and Vietnam (Vin gallery). Africa is well-represented as well, with exhibitors from Egypt (Gallery Misr), Ethiopia (Addis Fine Art), Ghana (Gallery 1957) and Kenya (Circle Art Gallery). Naturally, the local scene is also involved, with ten-odd dealers including Lawrie Shabibi, Meem Gallery, Ayyam Gallery and The Third Line.

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