Art Dealers Await You on the Right Bank

Le 28 mai 2021, par Vanessa Schmitz-Grucker

Two art events are coming to the Right Bank in Paris: Parcours du Faubourg, and the return of Nocturne Rive Droite.

Philippe Perrin, Giovanni Sarti, Éric Coatalem.
@ Natalie Baestens

This year's new arrival, Parcours du Faubourg, brings together three galleries until July 3: those of Éric Coatalem, Philippe Perrin and Giovanni Sarti. The program for the circuit features, respectively, "Hubert Robert: From Rome to Paris", a "Eulogy of Sculpture, 1600-1900" and "Sound and Colors: An Approach to Art Via Music."

Another highlight is the comeback of Nocturne Rive Droite. This year, in the heart of the 8th arrondissement, the event calls on galleries to open from 2 to 10 pm on Thursday, June 10, when various auction houses will also join the fifty taking part to celebrate this newfound freedom. Exhibitions worth noting include "Japan: A New Horizon" at Taménaga, and "Jean Fautrier" at Applicat-Prazan.

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