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A Zamoyski Bronze Proves its Mettle

Publié le , par Sophie Reyssat

A bronze head by Zamoyski becomes an icon of Polish Formism with a world record.

August Zamoyski (1893-1970), Tête de Franz Lowy (Head of Franz Lowy), 1922, bronze... A Zamoyski Bronze Proves its Mettle
August Zamoyski (1893-1970), Tête de Franz Lowy (Head of Franz Lowy), 1922, bronze with nuanced brown patina, signed, stamp of the founder Valsuani, h. 49 cm.
Result: €281,250

Chaville put Poland in the spotlight with this head by Auguste Zamoyski, which proved highly popular with his compatriots. Starting off at a reasonable €25,000, after passing the €60,000 threshold the bidding was divided between just two protagonists, one in the saleroom and one on the phone. The latter carried the day, paying out €281,250, to the great joy of a Polish collector. However, this 1922 bronze, bought from the Barreiro gallery in Paris in 1950, is not referenced by the National Museum in Warsaw, which negotiated the acquisition of a hundred-odd sculptures by Zamoyski and his copyright with his French heirs early this year. The city's Museum of Literature has already held the sculptor's archives since 2007. With this result, quintupling its estimate, the bronze sets a world record for a casting by this artist, who rarely turns up in the market (source: Artnet).

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